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Kidnap and Human Trafficking

Kidnapping and human trafficking can involve lots of complex evidence.

That’s why you should instruct a law firm who have had lots of experience in this area.

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When should I call you if I’m accused of kidnapping or human trafficking?

If you are arrested, and the police wish to interview you under caution, a member of our specialist criminal defence team can assist you at the police station.

What is Kidnapping?

Kidnapping is using unlawful force to detain a person against their will. This is an indictable only offence and can only be dealt with at the Crown Court.

The offence contains four elements, as follows:

  1. the taking or carrying away of one person by another
  2. by force or fraud
  3. without the consent of the person so taken and carried away
  4. without lawful excuse

What is the maximum sentence?

The maximum sentence for kidnapping is life imprisonment.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking occurs when people are exploited for purposes such as the sex trade, bogus marriages, modern slavery and even as organ donors.

Often human trafficking involves prostitution. Young females and minors are often brought to the UK, falsely promised wealth, then put to work as a sex worker.

In modern slavery cases, individuals are often controlled through fear and drugs.

There are other scenarios where people are in forced labour. This could be tied to pay off a debt. In other cases, individuals may be forced to provide domestic work through force or coercion.

What should you do if you’re being investigated and/or charged with kidnapping/human trafficking?

Initially, the police will arrest you and want to interview at the police station under caution. This early stage can determine the end result, whether that be no further action taken or potentially as part of your defence, should the matter be charged and sent to court.

The advantage of having a legal representative is that they can get some background information as to why you have been arrested. If you deal with the matter alone, the first time you will find out is during the interview under caution. The police are under no obligation to disclose any information before the interview should you deal with the matter alone.

What is the maximum sentence for human trafficking?

The maximum sentence is life imprisonment.

Why should I choose Castle Solicitors?

We understand

24 hours a day you can contact us if you require legal advice.

We’re experienced

We don’t like losing, so if matters do go to trial, you’re guaranteed a solicitor who has a successful track record.

We win

Our goal is always to get the very best result for our clients, whether that be the police taking no further action, preventing someone from receiving a custodial sentence or clearing a client’s name with an acquittal after trial.

What should I do now?

Contact us by calling on 0121 226 3636, emailing admin@castlesolicitors.co.uk or even sending a message from this website on the contact page. We will call you back as soon as possible (usually within 2 hours) but in any event no later than 24 hours.

For emergencies, you can also contact our 24-hour helpline on 07912 784485


If you have been arrested to simply ask for Castle Solicitors at the police station and we will receive the call. 

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