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Criminal Offences

Castle Solicitors and our dedicated team of experts deal with criminal offences

Including, but not limited to:

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Criminal lawyers in Birmingham

We cover all matters resulting from a criminal charge, summons or postal requisition. We have experience in defending countless criminal charges which include but are not limited to the following:


Including ABH/ GBH/ wounding with intent

Murder + Manslaughter

 Includes attempted murder

Drugs Offences


 Threats/proceeds from money laundering

Death by Dangerous Driving

 Includes careless driving

Kidnap + Human Trafficking

Theft + Burglary

Motoring Offences

 Includes speeding, no insurance, drink driving

Sexual Offences

Public Order Offences

Riot/Threatening Behavior/Affray

Cyber Crime


All cases regardless if they’re minor or serious matters such as robbery, manslaughter and murder start in the Magistrates’ Court.

You must contact Castle Solicitors at the earliest opportunity to receive comprehensive legal advice from a member of our experienced team.

Are summary only offences heard solely in the Magistrates’ Court?

Yes, summary only offences are only dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court. Minor offences such as motoring, some public order offences and s.39 assault can only be heard in the Magistrates’ Court. The maximum sentence for some summary only offences is six months custody.

Where are either way offences dealt with?

These offences can be heard in both the Magistrates and Crown Court. They are at mid-level of serious and include offences such as drugs matters, fraud and theft. The maximum sentence in the Magistrates’ Court is 12 months for two either way offences.

More serious either way offences are sent by the Magistrates’ Court to the Crown Court to be dealt with.

What are the most serious offences, and where do they get sent?

The most serious offences are called indictable only offences. Although the first appearance would be at the Magistrates’ Court, the case would be sent immediately to the Crown Court to be dealt with. The maximum sentence for some indictable only offences in the Crown Court is life imprisonment.

Who will represent me in court?

In the Magistrates’ Court, your case will be dealt with by a highly experienced criminal litigation solicitor who deals with cases at court most days. Because they deal with so many cases regularly, it’s infrequent for them to come across offences that they’ve not dealt with before.

In the Crown Court, we will instruct a criminal litigation barrister to deal with your case. Castle Solicitors will work alongside the barrister when dealing with your matter.

If you have a named choice of barrister you would like to represent you, we will contact their chambers and instruct them (subject to their diary being open).

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